Jon Stewart’s show on AppleTV+ has ended abruptly

Jon Stewart’s show on AppleTV+ has come to an abrupt end due to editorial differences between the comedian and the California company, according to US media.

Star comedian and US talk show host Jon Stewart told his teams on Thursday that Apple officials had reservations about the content of future episodes of his show. The problem with Jon Stewartreports The New York Times.

Apple, the producer and broadcaster along with its streaming platform, did not respond to AFP’s questions on the matter on Friday evening.

Jon Stewart revolutionized political comedy in America before hanging up his show in 2015 The Daily Show. The problem with Jon StewartAnother weekly satirical take on current affairs, launched in 2021 on AppleTV+.

But according to one source cited The New York TimesThe subjects that the host planned to discuss in his next episodes were not happy with the managers of the Apple brand, especially in China.

Apple has been in the country since 1993 and has become a central brand. Its boss, Tim Cook, spoke during a recent surprise visit to China about the “symbiotic” relationship his company maintains with the country.

The US paper also addresses the controversy surrounding artificial intelligence (AI).

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