Grosicki Michniewicz’s agent hit.  “He always thinks he’s right” Polish national team

– I’m sure about that Grosky You’ll get a chance against France. Daniel Kanioski, Kamil Grosicki’s agent, said on “Magazyn Sportowy” to Polish radio RDC just two days before the Polish national team match in the 1/8 World Cup finals.. And he was right. Cheslav machinewich He sent an experienced midfielder into battle with the current world champions, but he did it only in the 87th minute.

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Should Michniewicz continue to lead the team?

Kamil Grosicki’s agent hits Czeslaw Michniewicz: he thinks he’s always right, but he’s not

However, Grossky’s short time on the field was enough to embarrass his younger teammates. The 34-year-old brought flair and dynamism to the Polish squad on the wing. A few actions were enough to create a bigger threat than some of the Poles throughout the match. In one of the last actions, Grosicki won a penalty, which was later converted into a goal by Robert Lewandowski.

Lewandowski’s main goal. Thanks to penalty replays, he outplayed the legend

The Poles lost 1: 3 and said goodbye world Cup. However, a discussion broke out between fans and experts as to whether Michniewicz should have used an experienced winger earlier? In the group stage matches, Groske did not get up from the bench for a moment. There is no shortage of opinions that could be a huge mistake from the selector.

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This is the opinion of Daniel Kanevsky mentioned above. After the match against France, he decided to write on Twitter what he thought about Czeslaw Micniewicz’s decision regarding his client. Hit the boss with a hard pin.

“And I didn’t say that, it’s a pity that this coach thinks he’s always right, but it’s not… Just why he was late when there was an opportunity and there were opportunities to do more in this match… It’s a pity,” wrote Grosicki’s agent.

Tomasz Sokolovski, a former soccer player, thinks similarly. Legia Warsaw Stomel Olsztyn. “He did more than Milik did in 5 minutes Zaloski together “.

Now we will not know if the Polish national team will achieve more with Kamil Grosicki on the field. The truth is that the midfielder has proven once again that age is just a number, his skills are still great and he could be useful in the upcoming matches for the national team. To date, Pogoń Szczecin has played 88 matches with an eagle jersey on his chest and scored 17 goals.

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