Satellite images terrified scientists.  This is what they saw in the Atlantic - O2

In mid-November, scientists from NASA made an unusual observation in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. A weather satellite has recorded a strong blue swirl near the Bahamas. At first, the researchers assumed it was the work of phytoplankton, or microscopic plant organisms. However, it turned out later that the genesis of this phenomenon is more complex.

mysterious phenomenon. What did the scientists see?

Experts concluded that the mysterious whirlpool was caused by a tornado. Last month, Tropical Cyclone Nicole swept through the Bahamas. The element wreaked havoc, bringing torrential rains, strong winds, and storms.

NASA research has shown that the distinctive color of the vortex is due to carbonate-rich silt particles. Raised by storm waves. These particles were picked up by surface currents and formed a strange formation.

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Nicole’s strong winds suspended all the sediment particles – large sand particles (light brown) and small, carbonate-rich silt (light blue). NASA officials report on the official website that large particles quickly sink to the bottom within a few days, but small particles can remain suspended for more than a week.

Hurricane Nicole left massive devastation in its wake. CNN reported that the storm claimed at least five lives, but some sources say as many as 11 people were killed. Losses were estimated at $60 billion.

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