March 26, 2023


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Rome.  Jose Mourinho is proud of Nikola Zalowski.  "nice to watch"

Rome. Jose Mourinho is proud of Nikola Zalowski. “nice to watch”

Roma drew in the first semi-final match of the Conference League 1-1 with Leicester City. Jose Mourinho was somewhat pleased with this result. However, he has praised Nikola Zalowski.

The Polish representative scored in the first half, assisting Lorenzo Pellegrini. It was Mourinho who found a new position for Zalewski – for some time the 20-year-old played on the left pendulum.

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It feels really good there, which makes “The Special One” so satisfying. And after meeting with Leicester, the Roma coach praised his coach for the first time.

Zalewski joined the Academy of Rome at the age of nine to ten. Watching him play at this level is amazing Mourinho said.

The Portuguese were somewhat satisfied with the outcome of Thursday’s meeting. However, it is believed that Gillorossi will play in the Conference League final in May.

We easily lost the ball, and it turned out to be impossible to get off the counter. We don’t do it well. Over time, we lost sharpness and encountered difficulties – Valuable.

We have given up on an avoidable goal, but the result is tolerable. We want to make sure that we play in the Europa League next season. If we win the rematch, we’ll be in the final. In this case, it’s more about our heads than anything else – Been completed.