March 28, 2023


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Green comet 2023 – when will you be in Poland? What time to look at the sky?

Green comet 2023 – when will you be in Poland? What time do we look at the sky?

The 2023 green comet over Poland will stir up excitement among researchers, space exploration enthusiasts, and lovers of unique astronomical phenomena. This will be the first opportunity to study a flying object, that is, to measure its speed, shape and size. Comet C/2022 E3 last visited the solar system 50,000 years ago. When will you fly over Poland? What time do we look at the sky? Find out by checking now.

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  1. Green comet 2023 – when will you be in Poland?
  2. What time is the green comet 2023?
  3. Green comet 2023 – what is it?

airline Green comet 2023 live It will cause great excitement among astronomers, but also people who are simply interested in what is happening in our sky. Those who follow the constellations will have a moment to themselves when a bright blue-green object appears over Poland. This is amazing, When the green comet 2023 flies by On our country was founded several months ago. The Polish Space Agency reported that it was huge Comet C / 2022 On January 12, it passed the solar point and is currently moving away from the sun, approaching our planet. It will reach its closest approach on February 2, 2023, when it will be about 42 million kilometers from Earth. It seems like a huge distance, but in fact it is only about a third of the distance from the sun. Theoretically, if there was a collision of the Earth with a comet accelerating to huge speeds, this would mean the complete destruction of humanity. Fortunately, according to recent research, this is not possible. Green Comet 2023 will pass safely and will be visible to the naked eye. However, it all depends on the amount of cloud cover.

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timeAnd When the green comet is 2023 Will fly over Poland is not precisely defined. Already on February 1, 2023, it was visible from the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. On the night of February 1-2 and February 2 (approximately after 6 pm), you will be able to see it in the constellation Giraffe, that is, in the polar constellation of the northern sky between the Polar Star and the Chariot. Equip your binoculars or telescope and get ready for a unique phenomenon. Studies have shown that the last time an object flew across the Earth was about 50,000 years ago, when Neanderthals and Denisovans lived in their caves.

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The green comet was discovered in March 2022 by the Zwicky Transit Facility at the Palomar Observatory in the United States. It has been shown that it is not a monolithic being, that is, it approaches the sun, passes it, and flies away forever in space. Their orbits are either parabolas or hyperbolas. As explained to the Polish Press Agency, Przemysław Rudź of the Polish Space Agency: It is distinguished by the fact that it approaches the Sun only once every 50,000 years. years. The researchers expect the comet to become brighter.

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Will you see the green comet?