Wrzesińska open and attractive swimming pool!  Free hour!  (picture)

Today, Wednesday, April 3, the indoor swimming pool in Września has come back to life. There was no official opening.

Experienced local swimmers were the first to use the pool early in the morning. Next were the students of Września schools. They primarily had in mind that the Września Commune had purchased the facility from private hands, begun its renovation and reiterated this view after the fire in 2022.

– The idea to purchase and renovate this facility arose mainly from the need to provide Września students with physical education classes, which they were deprived of when the swimming pool was closed in 2020 by the then owner – says Carol NowakDeputy Mayor of Września.

The revitalized facility was named The Swimming Pool. The entire interior refers to the pre-war period, from which the construction of the former Prussian barracks dates. You can enjoy historical drawings, photos, maps and information on the walls. The main theme is pictures of women in old swimsuits.

Shoes must be replaced with slippers upon entry, not in the locker room. After that, the nice ladies of the staff give us a special magnetic bracelet, which we don't have to give up until we leave. It allows you to pass through gates and open any locker you choose, and also measures the minutes you spend in the pool. We can control time ourselves using wall readers.

In the pool itself there is a jacuzzi for 6 people, a children's leisure pool with a 40-metre slide and 5 25-metre swimming lanes, and there are also stylized wooden deck chairs and bamboo beach huts. Two lifeguards will always ensure the safety of users. The entire facility is monitored, of course, except for the bathrooms and locker rooms.

The pool will be open Monday to Friday from: 6.30-22.30 and on weekends from 7.00-21.00. On school days, students will use the swimming pool for 6 hours (8.00am – 2.00pm). Until the end of April, you have free access to the swimming pool for 1 hour daily, and your stay can be extended for 25 Grozy per minute (PLN 15 per hour).

In contrast, starting in May, a free hour per day will only be available to Września Resident Card holders. It can be obtained free of charge by all residents of Września municipality who settle their income tax here. The card can be obtained at the swimming pool, all you have to do is take your PIT card and your ID card. Photos can be taken on site for free. Applications are accepted on working days from: 10.00-18.00. The form can be downloaded from the website, at the municipal office or from the website wrzesnia.pl.

Below are photos of the entire facility, including the subway with all the technical equipment that is not accessible on a daily basis.

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