British media reported that the killer of Muriel McKay, the woman who was kidnapped for ransom in 1969, has made an “extraordinary agreement” with the victim’s family and will reveal the place where he hid the body. In return, the contract guarantees him the equivalent of about 200 thousand Polish zlotys. Zloty. MacKay’s kidnapping and death were among the most high-profile cases in the British Isles, yet her body was never found.

Muriel MacKay was kidnapped in the Wimbledon area of ​​London in late December 1969. She was then held for a ransom of £1 million on a farm in Hertfordshire and was probably murdered a few days later. Her kidnappers – Nizamuddin Hussain and his brother Arthur – were arrested in February 1970 and, after a short trial, were sentenced to life imprisonment for her kidnapping and murder.

The case of McKay’s kidnapping and murder made headlines around the world. Despite numerous efforts, the 55-year-old woman’s body has never been found, and her kidnappers have consistently refused to provide this information. As the British media reported, Al-Hussein’s trial was one of the first trials in Britain in which a verdict was issued for murder, even though the victim’s body was not found.

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The victim’s family will pay the killer

McKay’s killers did not complete their sentence. Arthur died in prison in 2009, and Nizamuddin, after spending 20 years behind bars, was deported to Trinidad and Tobago, where he lives to this day.

As British media reported on Wednesday, more than half a century after the crime he committed, Nizamuddin finally agreed to sign an “extraordinary agreement” with the Mackay family for the sum of 50,000 Polish zlotys. dollar (equivalent to about 200,000 Polish złoty), under which he committed to return to the British Isles and locate the place where he hid Mackay’s body.

‘Extraordinary deal’ with McKay’s killer

Mark Dyer, Muriel McKay’s grandson, who drafted the deal with his lawyer, said: “A lot of people may find it strange that we were paying Hussein for information, but our offer opened the door to new opportunities after years of his silence and our grief and frustration.” He told Sky News. He added: “This seems to be our last chance to find out what happened to my grandmother.”

In the same interview, Dyer explained that after signing the contract, Nizamuddin Hussein refused to accept the money. – It seems that he refused the money because he (also) wanted to close this case. He was getting old and weak, so perhaps this was a chance for him to make amends, as McKay’s grandson admitted. “The Nizam could certainly put this money to good use,” he added, stressing that Hussain is currently in poverty, “living in a hut with rotting floorboards and no proper sanitation facilities.”

Hussein allegedly made it clear to the family’s lawyer that he was not interested in money but rather “peace of mind.” – It breaks my heart to talk about him. “I was young, 22 years old, and I did not feel the same amount of pain as I do now,” he said. The 75-year-old perpetrator of the murder has already applied to the UK Home Office to temporarily lift the deportation order so that he can return to the UK and indicate the whereabouts of the murdered woman’s body.

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A woman was mistaken for Murdoch’s wife

Muriel McKay was the wife of Alec McKay, then deputy to media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who bought The Sun and News of the World newspapers shortly before the 55-year-old was kidnapped.

During the investigation, it emerged that the brothers who kidnapped the 55-year-old woman mistakenly thought she was Anna, Murdoch’s first wife. On 29 December 1969, the Hussein family followed Murdoch’s Rolls-Royce, believing it was headed to his residence. However, the car was actually carrying Muriel McKay and headed to her home in Wimbledon.

The British newspaper “The Independent” reported that Scotland Yard officers again searched part of the farmland in Hertfordshire to no avail after a conversation last year with Hussein. However, Hussein later stated that they were “digging in the wrong place.” The man is confident that when he returns to the farm he will be able to locate McKay’s body.

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