February 4, 2023


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Great Britain. Health care is in crisis

The BBC on Monday quoted Ian Higginson as saying: “The emergency departments are in a really difficult state at the moment.”

Adrian Boyle of Britain’s ER Monitoring Centre, says the main problem is the long waiting time to be admitted to hospital, which can increase the death rate. There is, too Difficulties operating ambulancesWho do not have access to every emergency.

“Emergency departments at the moment are in a very difficult crisis and in some cases a complete crisis and in many cases we are not able to provide the level of care that we would like. There is no doubt that if an ambulance cannot be called for someone having a heart attack or a heart attack, Higginson told BBC Radio,” Higginson told BBC Radio. Some of these patients may be severely affected and die as a result.”

Higginson stressed that health professionals are doing what they can, but it is necessary Health care cofinancing in the country. The British government said it was aware of the difficult situation in hospitals.

In November 2022, more than 37,000 people in the UK waited more than 12 hours in an emergency room before being admitted to hospital. That’s three times more than in November 2021, when that number was close to 10,000. people, according to data from the British National Health Service.

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