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Majorzata Socha at her niece’s wedding. What does the actress’s brother look like?

Małgorzata Socha bragged about her beautiful niece’s wedding photos. By the way, we can see her handsome brother. Pictures.

Magorzata sucha He is a very family person. For many women, she is a role model for a mother. She is the mother of Zosia, Basya, and Stai. There is only a five-year difference between the eldest daughter and the youngest son. Despite the burden of responsibilities related to raising children, she is very active professionally and is one of the most famous Polish actresses. In addition, she can boast of nearly 1 million followers on her Instagram profile.

Recently, we can admire the beautiful design of Małgosia, when she appeared at the wedding of Edward Miszczak and Anna Cieślak. Then her stomach flashed in a voluptuous beige dress that clung to her slender figure. Less than a week has passed, and Sosha is already enjoying another wedding. This time it is a close family.

What does Mugurzata Socha’s brother look like?

Magorzata sucha She posted pictures from her niece’s wedding on Instagram. She admitted that Dominica had to wait a long time for her big day, as did the whole family.

This weekend was a wonderful holiday in our family – my niece @dominikasocha married a wonderful man – Philip. We have lived with this event for the past two years. Not because the preparations took so long, but because the appointment was postponed twice. That’s it – love in a pandemic. Up to 3 times in the play, 3 times she said the secrets YES!

She also tended to think the waiting time was nothing compared to the years before young couples.

It’s been two years for them, but what does it mean to spend a lifetime together! That’s why I hope that their life together can be exciting, and if sometimes it’s boring, it’s worth stopping and enjoying each other. I wish them these moments with all my heart. Love, of course, is the most important thing, but the truth is that marriage is an art of compromise.

In the end, she admitted that she loves her relatives very much and once again congratulated the newlyweds.

I love you with all my heart and I am proud of you! Congratulations again! I’m so glad we’ll be with you on this wonderful day. All the best to you, Brenick. I have written.

In the photos shared by the actress, we see not only a beautiful bride, but also Sosha’s handsome brother. Małgorzata makes no secret that they share a strong bond. Despite the big age difference, she treated him almost like a twin.

My father was a military pilot, he valued discipline and order and believed that at home one should follow various rules, for example, that children and fish do not have a voice. In fact, I owe it to my brother that I remember my childhood so well. He is nine years older. I was closely related to him, he understood me perfectly, because he looked at my dilemmas, he often saw himself. He played with me, and covered me when needed. It was he and his girlfriend who took me to the cinema. Our parents always formed a common front in regards to us, so we also stuck together to balance us out. It was a great drama for me when he left his family home. I tested it a lot, we were like twins – I remembered it in an interview with the magazine You are.

Just take a look at our gallery, Piotr Sucha is an absolutely handsome man.

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