June 5, 2023


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The service operates in banks on the weekend of January 21-22, 2023

Some banks have maintenance scheduled for the weekend. Therefore, their clients should prepare for difficulties. In which banks is it not possible to withdraw cash or pay by card?

The service operates in banks from January 21 to 22

Service work will be carried out in these banks:

  • mBank,
  • millennium bank,
  • Credit Agricole Bank
  • filo bank.

In connection with the ongoing work of the service, there may be difficulties related to Internet and mobile banking. What and when will not work in individual banks?

What will not work in banks on the weekend from January 21 to 22?

The service work will be carried out on the night of January 21/22. Between 11pm and 1am it will not be possible to use mKantor. From Friday to Monday (January 23), it will also not be possible to open an account via e-ID.

The service works at Millennium Bank

On the night from Saturday to Sunday between 1:00 and 4:00 it will not be possible to use the mobile application and the TeleMillennium service, for example to cancel the card, and Millenet. The bank announced that during this time it will be possible to pay with a conventional card in stores, as well as withdraw cash. Millennium Bank required its customers to carry out planned operations prior to servicing operations.

Service work at Credit Agricole

Service at Credit Agricole runs from Saturday to Sunday from 0:00 to 10:00. During this time it will not be possible to use the CA24 services, the IVR automated phone service, online payments Przelew Onlina and BLIK.

– During this time, you will not receive SMS notifications about the card transaction. You can only reserve the ticket on our hotline. The cash deposited will be deposited into the cash deposit machine after the end of the break period. If you are planning transfers, make them in advance. Payment cards in shops, service points and when withdrawing from ATMs will work normally. However, carry cash with you just in case.

Service work at Velo Bank

At Velo Bank, business will run from Saturday to Sunday from 23:55 to 7:00. Therefore, it will not be possible to log into online and mobile banking, make card payments online and use Blick. During this time, customers will be able to pay in stationary stores using a payment card, contactless phone, watch and bracelet, as well as deposit and withdraw cash at ATMs.

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