Grażyna Torbicka faces huge problems.  ‘Tough times are coming’

  • Since 2007, Grażyna Torbicka has been organizing the Film and Arts Festival “Dwa Brzegi” in Kazimierz Dolny and Janowicz on the Vistula
  • This year’s 16th edition may be the last
  • Due to the increasingly difficult financial situation, next year’s version of the event is under a big question mark
  • “Difficult times come, if nothing changes, it may already be the last festival” – admits Grażyna Torbicka, artistic director of the “Dwa Brzegi” festival.
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Grażyna Torbeca As every year, I look forward to the holidays. However, in her case, summer did not mean a carefree rest under the palm trees, but only hard work on completing the last details and formalities of the participant at the time. Film and Arts Festival “Dua Brzegi” in Kazimierz Dolny and Janowicz on the Vistula. This year, the event will be held for the 16th time, unfortunately There are many indications that this year’s edition may be the last. Dark clouds were hanging over the festival that started in 2007. It’s all because Increasing difficulties in obtaining funds for the organization Film Festival Holiday, as reported by “Dzenic and Chodny”. As Grażyna Torbicka admits, the budget for this edition has been severely reduced.

– Reassures the artistic director of the festival.

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Grażyna Torbicka rubs her hands. This is the last edition of her festival?

As reported by Grażyna Torbicka, this year we were able to secure funding for the event (although very limited), but the current problems show that it will be more and more difficult to organize the festival. However, during this year’s release, movie fans should take into account the important changes. The audience will be very limitedWhy is being blamed for changing the location of showing the hottest shows.

Now it will take place in the halls of the municipal school complex (about 150 places will be available), instead of the huge tent built so far for each edition, which can accommodate up to 850 people. Therefore, double shows are planned so that everyone interested can see the festival’s performances. Performances will also take place in the castle courtyard and mini market square.

Due to financial problems, the announcement of this year’s festival program was delayed almost until the last minute. The increased costs of all services nearly ended the festival’s many years of tradition. Fortunately, the city lent a helping handWhich, in addition to the free loan of several of the festival halls, also financially supported the project.

– We read in “Dziennik Wschodni”.

The organizers applied to the marshal in the amount of 200,000 PLN. PLN, but they got much less. Let’s remember that in 2018 the event received up to 400,000 from the local government. zloty. as you see, The amount of support from different entities is gradually decreasingwhich may be a sign of an inevitable farewell to a prestigious event.

This sentiment is shared by Gratina Torbeca, artistic director of the Dua Przyghi festival.

Sadly, her daughter confessed Christina Lusky In “Dziennik Wschodni”.

This year’s edition of the event will take place July 30 – August 7.

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