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The Law and Justice-United Right politician spoke Tuesday at a press conference at the Prime Minister’s Chancellery in Warsaw.

When asked if it is possible Introducing a transition period for the planned change in WIBOR He replied to another indicator: “It depends.”

WIBOR exchange

– By replacing WIBOR, many people understand either completely liquidate WIBOR or launch a new WIBOR for some loans, to get new ones. So, of course, we’ll talk to the industry and the sector about the arguments, and the goal, and the core of these solutions, is to reduce the full costs of loan servicing, which were created in part by WIBOR, Mueller said during Tuesday’s press conference. – Of course, we are open to discussing this matter, but it is supposed to be primarily a benefit for citizens, and ensures the stability of the banking sector – he said.

The government spokesman noted that some banks, for example, were very opposed The so-called credit holidaysBut the government kept the proposed solutions. – As for WIBOR, we will discuss – the politician emphasized.

Finance Law

The Law on Crowdfunding for Commercial Projects and Assistance to Borrowers includes a provision regarding the replacement of WIBOR as of January 1, 2023 with another indication of reducing the amount of loan installments. The process for determining the replacement for WIBOR is regulated in the Regulations.

The Polish Financial Supervisory Authority will start an alternative appointment procedure, after the activating event specified in the EU regulation has occurred. After a specific solution is reached, the minister responsible for financial institutions will be able to determine the alternative by decree – provided ISBnews.

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