Google Pixel Fold poses in official sketches

The Google Pixel Fold debuts on official graphics a few days before its debut. We already know all about the foldable flagship. Is it worth buying it for that kind of money?

From the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bfoldable smartphones from Samsung, I prefer Oppo’s vision. The problem is that their Oppo Find N2 is not available outside of China. Google took full advantage of this, copying their design. Google Pixel Fold A few days before the premiere, he poses for official sketches. I don’t know if this could be done better.

Google Pixel Fold Official Graphics – Pricing

The premiere of new products from Google is fast approaching. A few days before the debut, the graphics of the Google Pixel Fold hit the net. The foldable smartphone is basically the Oppo Find N2 with a different back panel and pure Android. The front end is filled with a 5.8-inch screen. The convenience of one-handed operation will be unmatched with the Galaxy Fold — which is a plus, of course.

Unfolding it, we will get access to a 7.67-inch screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2100 pixels. I’ve used many foldable smartphones, and in my opinion, these proportions are a bull’s-eye. In addition, Google’s first foldable display will finally force app developers to adapt to such a display. Or at least I hope so, who if not them?

All about the Google Pixel Fold – a summary of the leaks.

How much does the Google Pixel Fold cost? Real estate, it’s definitely not an affordable foldable smartphone. Although we’ll have to wait until May 10th for final confirmation, the leak says $1,799. It’s 7,500 PLN, which doesn’t sound so tragic, because pixels are often on promotions. Even worse, for us it is 1,799 euros or 8,300 zlotys. Ouch.

Do you prefer pure Android phones at affordable prices? On the same day, Google Pixel 7a will debut. We already know everything about it, including the prices. will you try?

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