Good news for retirees.  ZUS will pay the “thirteenth” before Easter

— The Social Insurance Corporation is preparing to disburse the thirteenth pension. The first deadline is 1 April, which is a bank holiday Monday. This means that the first thirteen will be distributed to pensioners and pensioners before Easter, the ZUS spokesman said.

The remaining transfers will be made during the standard pension payment dates due in April, Paweł Żebroski added.

Thirteen means an additional return equivalent to the minimum pension. In 2024, this total amounts to PLN 1,780.96. You do not need to submit any application to get the funds. ZUS will make the payment automatically.

No deductions or implementation are made from the benefit amount and it is not included in income.

Continued article below the video

Additional annual cash allowances are due to people entitled to a pension on March 31 – including interim pension, periodic capital pension and partial pension, disability pension – including war pension, military disabled and accident pensions, training pension and social security pension, and survivor pension – including post-war or military disability survivor pension and accident survivor pension.

Thirteen will also be given to people entitled to a parental supplementary benefit, a cash benefit for blind civilian war victims, a teacher's compensation benefit, or a pre-retirement benefit or allowance.

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