These are the richest companies of the Grudziądz and Grudziądz poviat.  Below is a list of local leaders on the Forbes list

See the latest ranking of Forbes Diamonds for 2022. Forbes, in cooperation with ING, compiles a list of the most dynamically developing companies in Poland every month. Listed companies can be proud of the title of Forbes Diamonds. In our gallery we present the richest companies from Grudzidz and Grudziądz poviat. Who was on the stage? See our gallery.

Click and see which companies from Grudziądz and Grudziądz poviat are the richest:

The Forbes Diamonds 2022 list includes companies that have increased in value the fastest in the past three years. Companies that submitted their financial statements to the National Court Register or sent them directly to Dun & Bradstreet Poland were taken into account. Institutions that have been bankrupt or liquidated are canceled. Forbes Diamonds were those with positive financial results and a collaboration risk factor above 4, rated by Dun & Bradstreet Poland.

They are divided into three categories according to sales revenue in the past financial year: small businesses (revenues from 5-50 million PLN), medium-sized companies (revenues from 50 to 250 million PLN), and large companies (revenues over 250 million PLN). – Editorial office says Forbes.

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