June 9, 2023


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From Wednesday, they will add something to diesel and gasoline.  This applies to any refueling

From Wednesday, they will add something to diesel and gasoline. This applies to any refueling

Not only is Orlen obligated to introduce new fuels with additives at all of the stations it owns in mid-November. New petrol and new diesel will appear at all gas stations in Poland by November 16 at the latest. However, stations may decide to introduce it earlier. The decree of the Minister of Economy on quality requirements for liquid fuels, regulating this issue, only establishes the final date after which fuel containing additives must appear at each station.

It should be noted that new fuel appears at stations several times a year. The last change occurred at the beginning of October – it was then that the transmission of gasoline and diesel at the stations appeared. The additives to this fuel made it easier and easier (we still refuel with intermediate fuel at the stations) on cold days. However, this is not enough to ensure trouble-free operation of the engine in winter, because no one can predict how cold the weather will be, so gas stations are obliged to prepare even for severe frosts every year.

for this reason On November 16, winter gasoline and winter diesel arrived at the stations. It should be noted that due to the introduction of winter fuel, drivers do not have to change their refueling habits – from their point of view, nothing changes at the stations. It is up to the station owners to make sure that winter fuel is flowing from all guns into the dispenser.

The Regulation of the Minister of Economy, mentioned at the beginning of the article, sets out several criteria that must be met with winter fuel. These standards are achieved thanks to the “baptism” of gasoline and diesel – in this case in the good sense of the word. Additional fuel components are to ensure their correct combustion at low temperatures.

What criteria are we talking about? The most important is the clogging point of the coolant filter in diesel engines. On winter diesel, this parameter is much lower than on transitional or summer diesel. Winter diesel guarantees proper engine operation even in twenty-degree frosts.

On the other hand, winter gasoline has an increased vapor pressure – the vapor pressure of winter gasoline should be between 60 and 90 kPa. what does that mean? The higher the flexibility, the higher the volatility, and the higher the volatility, the easier it is to get started.

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