Gmail on smartphones has a new, useful button

Every app update doesn’t have to bring major changes to be definitely considered good. Sometimes, like now with Gmail on Android, adding just one button is enough.

A handy new button in the Gmail app

Gmail probably needs no introduction. After all, we’re dealing with one of Google’s most popular services. Moreover, the official app has been installed on millions of smartphones and is used by millions of users daily. Therefore, any change, even a small one, is usually noteworthy.

Until now, if we had to delete all messages from the mailbox, it was not very convenient in the mobile application, and it also required a lot of time and many clicks. A better idea would be to use Gmail on desktop, which allows you to select multiple messages with one click. It is true that we can select a maximum of 50 emails, but this is still a huge improvement compared to what we have to do on a smartphone.

However, Google has finally decided to make it easier to delete large numbers of messages in the mobile app. Well, it has introduced a “Select All” button, which appears after selecting one email. Its name indicates that clicking on it will select all available messages in the mailbox, but this does not happen. Just like on desktop, a maximum of 50 messages can be selected at a time, which can then be quickly deleted.

(Image 9to5Google)

Change is available now, but…

service 9to5Google It indicates that the button in question is already available to users of the Gmail app on Android. However, the new feature is being introduced gradually and on the server side. Yes, it helps to install the latest version of the app from Google Play, but that doesn’t guarantee that the new button will appear.

If you still don’t see any change, then you should be patient and wait. I checked my Android smartphone and I’m still not among the lucky ones that can actually quickly delete multiple messages at once. A similar button will likely debut in Gmail for iOS soon.

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