A new feature in WhatsApp for Android users.  Just press one button

08/29/2023 09:45
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technology: A new feature in WhatsApp for Android users. program WhatsApp It has become one of the most used messengers around the world. it’s over 2,000,000 active users. Connected It changed our lives And the way we communicate. We use it every dayTo keep in touch with friends, family and even at work. The world famous messenger has made a huge program for some of the users heresy. Here’s what happens if you press for too long Submit button.
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A new feature in WhatsApp for Android users

most popular Connected in the world and Germany Released a new update for the beta version android. According to schmidtisblog.de, program In version it now provides the option to send photos and videos that can only be opened once. Read: Beware of ATM Robbery – Thieves Have a Whole New Way

users They can adjust this missionBy clicking on the icon in the address bar. However, in the future, pressing and holding the send button at the same time will suffice. After that, a menu will appear where the Whatsapp user will be able to send a photo or a video as a one-time screen message.
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Whatsapp send button: Send photos and videos at once

According to Wabetainfo, the new feature does not allow you to send GIFs. However, Whatsapp plans to expand it to other types of media in the future. In the future, the ability to view text messages (WhatsApp beta for Android update) and voice messages (WhatsApp beta for Android should also start working.
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WhatsApp introduces a new button. If you accidentally press it, anyone can see your most intimate content.

The popular messenger is getting more and more new features. These include: 15-minute ruleprotection cSo motto and survey updates. Now a new feature has been rolled out, but if you activate it by mistake, it can become dangerous for your personal information. We wrote more about this in the article: WhatsApp has a new button that can reveal your private content

source: Merkur.dePolskiObserwator.de

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