GIS warns of a set of cookies with metal.  Markets are pulling it

Two confectionery products were withdrawn from the market due to the presence of metal fragments – the head of the Sanitary Inspectorate reported. It was sold in two large series – Kaufland and Nito.

GIS said in a statement that it had been informed by Banketbakkerij Merba BV that it would withdraw a range of confectionery products from the market and from consumers due to… Presence of metal fragments in products. They are found in sweet snacks during this period From 7/12/2023 until 12/15/2023.

Two batches were withdrawn. GIS Warning

The GIS warning relates to two products. The first is marked as follows:

  • Product Name: Fenton 40% Chocolate Cookies 225 g
  • Part number: 2334803
  • Minimum Durability Date: 09/12/2024
  • Distributor in Poland: NETTO Sp. z ooMotaniec 30 73-108 Cobellanka
    Producer: Banketbakkerij Merba BV, Wilhelminakanaal Noord 2, 4902 VR Oosterhout, Niderlandy

The second description contains the following information:

  • Product Name: K Classic Double Chocolate Cookies 200g
  • Part number: 2334103
  • Minimum Durability Date: 06/12/2024
  • Distributor in Poland: Kaufland Polska Markety Sp. zooSp.j.
  • Producer: Banketbakkerij Merba BV, Wilhelminakanaal Noord 2, 4902 VR Oosterhout, Niderlandy.

Cookies can be returned

Kaufland stated that the products covered by the warning are no longer available in its stores.

“Withdrawn product Can be returned at all Kaufland storesThe company also confirmed without providing a receipt and refunded the purchase.

See: GIS warning. Kitchen utensils from a well-known series have been withdrawn from sale

“The distributor, NETTO Sp. z oo, has taken action to withdraw the product from sale from the NETTO store network and Inform recipients of the threat“- we read in the advertisement.

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