„Znali ryzyko, ale wiedzieli, że tam umierają nasi” (fot. Shuttesrtock)

The helicopter crews, which supplied the defenders of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol with weapons, medicine, food, water and all material support, as well as transporting more soldiers, showed unprecedented heroism. The founder and first commander of the Azov Regiment, Andrei Pecheki, spoke about this in an interview with the Ukrainian Truth Portal.

This is how the Russians destroyed Azovstal. The pictures show the next steps

The photos show the next stages of the destruction of the Azovstal plant, the last point of resistance of the Ukrainian forces in the coastal city of Mariupol …

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Most of the seven missions were completed as part of this air bridge It was successful – the last two events, during which it happened, were an exception shoot down helicopters.

– Everything was going well at first. In the end, it turned out that the enemy was developing his strength and was watching and seeing helicopters penetrating Mariupol. At this point, we must first emphasize the heroism and the highest level of professionalism for Ukrainian pilots – said Biłecki.

– at any “Helicopters are burning(British-American film directed by Ridley Scott – ed.) The Americans did not allow themselves to invade the airspace that protects it Anti-aircraft defense The opponent – the Ukrainian commander noted. The Euromaidan Press allegedly published a recording of an excerpt from such a trip.

Special airlift maintenance process from I was Azov It was planned and executed under the auspices of the head of the Military Intelligence Council. As the officer confirmed, helicopters were transferred to Mariupol 72 soldiers Azov regiment. One of them, known as “CeltHe would tell his colleagues that he “wanted to die at home”. He died on the street next to the street where he was born and raised. The pilots also showed great heroism, especially on the first mission and those during which it was already known that the Russians had calculated the flight path and deployed anti-aircraft defense.

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They flew with an excellent understanding of the scale of the stakes. But they also understood that our people were dying there. Perhaps after the war, or even during it, a movie will be made on this topic. This is a story for a movie. But this man must say so (Leader of First Mission – Editor). She has something to say. He is alive, Biłecki said, that he is in good health.

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