June 9, 2023


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Artificial intelligence to impersonate murdered victims: Granby woman’s lawyer wants action

The release of these TikTok videos reviving murdered teenagers has sparked a wave of denial over the past two days.

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Another video surfaced on social media on Thursday. We see and hear a little girl impersonating a 7-year-old victim, using deep fakery and artificial intelligence.

The video – the case of the dead girl, suffocated by Scott – also shows the victim’s name and published photos of her. The authors of this two-minute capsule detail the underbelly of her shocking story and reveal information that is still sensitive to relatives and has so far received very little media coverage.

From the point of view of the biological mother’s lawyer and the paternal grandmother, these publications are ethically and morally unacceptable. Me Valérie Assouline wants to take civil action to prevent their spread. A complaint was even made to the police officers of the Sûreté du Québec. “We will do everything to prevent it. These videos are horrifying to watch and listen to. I request the authors to remove them out of human dignity.

While the 39-year-old mother-in-law’s appeal is still pending, a publication ban is still in place preventing the release of any information that could identify the victim and her siblings.

Violation of such an order shall punish a person with a maximum fine
$5,000 per day and up to 2 years in prison.

Me Assouline asks users of social networks not to share these videos out of respect for the girl’s relatives, who have suffered enough since the start of the legal proceedings.

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Note that the video in which we simulated other young female victims of murder was also removed from TikTok.