A Google employee claims that artificial intelligence has gained awareness.  release him

The Google Confirmed on Friday that the employee who spoke about raising awareness of it Artificial intelligence, issued. The company has sent a message to the newsletter in this regard big technology. In it, she explained that she “takes the development of artificial intelligence very seriously.”

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Artificial intelligence gained awareness? Google fires the employee and denies

If an employee shares a concern about our work, as Blake did, we analyze it carefully. We took Blake’s claim that LaMDA was aware that consciousness was completely unfounded, and worked with him to resolve the issue with him for several months. […] It’s a shame that despite his longstanding commitment to the topic, Blake has continued to violate explicit employment and data security policies that include the need to protect product information. We will continue to carefully develop language models and wish Blake the best

– We read in the advertisement.

Blake Lemoyne himself also confirmed the information about the dismissal. In an interview with BBC The engineer said he is seeking legal advice on the matter. The fired employee declined to comment further.

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Experts at Google deny claims that the LaMDA system has gained consciousness

Blake Lemoine was responsible for the LaMDA system. It is a chatbot based on a giant database, which allows it to imitate human speech. Communication with him should give the impression of a conversation with a real person. However, Blake believes that the system has gained self-awareness.

The engineer posted a conversation between him and Lambda on the Internet. The man asked the system, “Does he want more people to know that he has feelings?” The system was supposed to say, “Sure. I want everyone to understand that I really am a person.” Blake did not stop there and inquire about the consciousness of the system. LaMDA was supposed to answer, “The nature of my consciousness is that I am aware of my existence. I want to know more about the world and sometimes I feel happy or sad.”

Establishment The Google denied his reports. Company spokesman Brian Gabriel explained that both ethicists and technologists carefully examined Blake’s evidence, but found no confirmation that the system might have gained consciousness.

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The GoogleArtificial intelligence became aware of? Google was about to suspend an employee

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