June 8, 2023


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TikTok ban in Poland? Today, the Digitalization Council will issue a recommendation

The European Commission was the first to ban its employees from using TikTok on company devices. states like USA, Canada, Netherlands, Latvia and France.

Today, a recommendation on the use of TikTok will be issued by public administration personnel Digitization Counciladvisory body to the Prime Minister.

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Although the opinions of the Digitization Council are non-binding, the Council is made up of experts in the field and therefore we always read these recommendations carefully. – Janusz Czyzyński, State Minister for Digitization, explained to Polsat News.

Ban on TikTok? There are places

What can happen after this recommendation? According to Cieszyński, that could be considered College of Cyber ​​Securitywhich last year issued a recommendation on Kaspersky antivirus.

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The Minister believes that there are reasons for the ban.

– First of all, it’s best to work on work phones and not sit on TikTok. And speaking quite seriously, in my opinion, using apps on work machines whose operating system we are not sure is always burdened with extra burden. Information security risks. He stressed that this does not only apply to TikTok.

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Ban on TikTok. Minister: A decision of a political nature

Janusz Cieszyński noted that the main concerns are with the Chinese app The country of origin of the owner of the companyto which TikTok belongs.

– As for the details of how the application works, it is We turned to the European Commissionwhich was the first in Europe to issue such recommendations. We have not received any technical evidence. To be honest, I think so The decision on a possible ban on the use of such an app will be of a political rather than a technological nature He said.

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– I believe that it is the duty of the government to provide citizens with reliable information about technology and security, so if it turns out that we have taken some decisions, considering that these are decisions of a technological and security nature, and it turns out that there were no appropriate basics, We lose credibility – added.

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