The Call of Duty series is already 20 years old!  How do you remember the first part of the wonderful Activision series?

Call of Duty is now owned by Microsoft, which will certainly change our industry beyond recognition. 20 years ago, the same chain also achieved the impossible – a new brand that came out of nowhere eclipsed the iconic badge of honor.

It’s hard to believe, but today marks 20 years since Infinity Ward’s first Call of Duty game debuted on PC and swept away the competition forever. While the movie action and fast-paced action kept us on our seats, Medal of Honor played different mission modes, which had its great moments, but compared to CoD it paled in comparison.

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Only such a landing in Normandy can be compared, for example, with the landing on the other bank of the river in Stalingrad. Call of Duty set new standards and it’s no wonder – the authors had a clear vision and wanted to do everything possible to make it the most exciting shooter on the market. This trend continues to this day, and despite some mishaps, every year CoD is a festival of excellent entertainment both single-player and online.

This is what the brand’s official Twitter account wrote about the game’s anniversary (X):

Call of Duty turns 20 today! Enter your answers below to help us celebrate #COD20

My first Call of Duty title:

My favorite address:

My favorite campaign:

My favorite player:

My favorite map:

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