A song about vaccination against covid-19.  Recorded by virologists

The song “Si, si vax” – performed by the trio: Andrea Crisanti, Matteo Bassetti and Fabrizio BrigliascoThey are guests in Italian homes almost every day thanks to their statements in the media about Corona virus epidemic. The idea to record the pro-vaccine song was born in the editorial office of a popular broadcast on RAI Radio.

The researchers recorded a song while sitting at their desks. In it, they encourage vaccination and caution. sings: “If you want to be quiet, don’t kiss your grandparents.”

“Yeah, yeah, let’s get vaccinated. There will be no more Covid, if you help us too ”- these are other words from the epidemic version of the popular Christmas movie.

“If you want to go to a bar and celebrate happiness, take potions to have a merry Christmas” – sing experts urge. They plead: “Eat a panettone, go get vaccinated, protect yourself and others“.

“With the third dose, you’ll have a happy birthday.” The scientific authorities are convinced. In the next passage, they added that “in order to reduce the number of infections, the three kings will be given a vaccine as well.”

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