Buy fuel in reserve?  Expert: It makes no sense

According to the expert Suggestions that fuel prices will rise after the elections because the government is artificially lowering them are unfounded.

Fuel storage? Expert: It makes no sense

– Considering the prices of Brent crude on global stock exchanges, There is a sharp drop in pricesThis indicates that there will be no increase in fuel prices. This rather indicates that in the European Union countries, where fuel is currently more expensive than in Poland, prices will fall to the level presented by Orlin – said the expert, adding that on September 28, the price of a barrel of Brent crude reached $95. Currently – $84.

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Asked if he did not fear that continued above-average demand at stations would lead to a lack of access to fuel, he said such a scenario seemed abstract to him.

Yes, there may be a temporary shortage in some places, but… There will be no fuel shortage in Poland – He said and added that stocks are sufficient, moreover, imports can be increased, which will be profitable due to lower oil prices on stock exchanges.

Maciążek also said that rThere is no point in storing strategic household supplies, for example in barrels or old containers; Because improperly stored fuel will quickly lose its properties, including: due to its high content of vital components.

He also pointed out that the diesel purchased today, for example, is summer fuel and does not contain components specific to winter diesel, i.e. the so-called diesel substance. Antifreeze. He explained that when the temperature drops, a summer diesel car simply won’t start.

Low fuel prices and “failure” of distributors

Earlier in we wrote about the so-called fuel miracle. In contrast to the situation in European and world markets, fuel prices in Poland are constantly falling. At gas stations their prices are below the psychological limit of PLN 5.99 per litre.

Orlin denies the “politicization” of prices ahead of the upcoming prices elections And allegations of fuel shortages. When asked about “malfunction” cards in the pumps, the company replied that the problem of shortage is temporary and has been resolved.

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