An important change for photovoltaic cell owners.  They will get more eventually mentions that The net bills cover owners of PV installations installed as of April 2022. This is approximately 200 thousand. the people. Many of those who were considering photovoltaics wanted to complete the installation before April last year to take advantage of other, more favorable settlement rules.

New consumers have no choice but to rely on net bills. They get paid for the electricity they produce, which is calculated according to the average monthly wholesale energy price from the Polish Energy Exchange.

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In November they rose by 20 percent – to PLN 380.35 per MWh compared to PLN 311.67 in October – reports. Now consumers will get more electricity from their installations., however, indicates that prices Although it rose in November, it is still much lower than last year. When for several months it exceeded 700 Polish zlotys per MWh, and at some point it reached a thousand zlotys. But the situation at that time was exceptional, due to the energy crisis that Europe witnessed as a result of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. From February 2023, the price decreased every month – until November.

temporary solution

The website also points out that the current rules on consumer bills based on the average monthly price from the Polish Energy Exchange are only temporary. Eventually, the monthly rate will be replaced by the hourly rate. When this will happen is not entirely certain at the moment.

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