Cichy-Zasada Group is strengthening its market position through acquisitions and organic growth

National Cichy-Zasada Group recently acquired more car brand showrooms in the country. At the beginning of November this year it started work at the Audi showroom in Bielsko-Biała, and immediately afterwards acquired four ŠKODA showrooms in Warsaw, purchasing 100% of the shares of companies affiliated with the Auto-Wimar Group. The nearest plans (July 2024) include the opening of a new premium brand showroom (Porsche) in Szczecin. This is an implementation of the tactic of strengthening the strategic partner position of premium brands in Poland. At the same time, it is a natural process of development and consolidation of the domestic automobile market, which has been a dynamic trend in recent years in Poland.

Today, the Cichy-Zasada Group operates in 9 cities and operates 25 showrooms for the Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, Cupra and Audi brands. In mid-2024, the newest Audi showroom will be opened in Malopolska in Wieliczka near Krakow, and other showrooms of this brand will be opened in Warsaw, Koszalin, Nowy Such and Poznań. The focus on premium brands is a very important development direction, which has prompted the Cichy-Zasada Group to make two pioneering investments. In 2024, the group will open a Porsche showroom and service center in Szczecin and the Cupra brand in Warsaw.

In joining forces with my partner, we aimed high from the beginning – to become a market leader. It has been three years since our financial group was established, which has certainly put us to a real test. At that time, our industry was subjected to unprecedented disruption. However, this period confirmed to us that not only did we make the right decision, it also confirmed to us that our organization is ready for the next stage of development. – says Miroslav Cichy, co-owner of Cichy-Zasada Group.

Therefore, the largest dealer group in Poland (TOP50 dealer rating) is developing, among other things, through the acquisition of the largest dealer group of the ŠKODA brand of the Auto-Wimar Group, which focuses on operations in Warsaw. By purchasing 100% of the shares of subsidiaries of the Auto-Wimar Group, the Cichy-Zasada Group currently owns 5 of the 7 ŠKODA showrooms in the Warsaw complex. To date, the Cichy-Zasada Group has one Skoda showroom in this city – Cichy-Zasada Warszawa Wawer, on Heliotropów Street. With this move, Grupa Cichy-Zasada gained locations on Grochowska, Modlińska, Gruchacz and Aleje Jerozolimskie Streets. The acquisition of the Auto Wimar Group will allow the Cichy-Zasada Group to strengthen its position as the leader in sales of the Skoda brand in the capital and the largest dealer in the automotive industry in Poland.

The Auto-Wimar Group became part of the Cichy-Zasada Group. This is a good opportunity to emphasize that this acquisition is an expression of the passion for the automotive industry that unites both groups. It is also a common goal to maintain the highest standards of customer service and continually develop the products and services we offer. This is also a great moment to thank all employees for their commitment and contribution to this process. With the acquisition of Auto-Wimar Group, we are creating a stronger team that is ready to face new challenges and successes.” – adds Karol Obegli, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cichy-Zasada Group.

The geographical expansion of the Cichy-Zasada brand is one of the main assumptions of the group, which in 2021 announced its desire to be present from the Baltic Sea to the Tatra Mountains. Only 3 years ago, Mirosław Cichy proposed to Sobiesław Zasada to join forces and build the largest dealer group in Poland. At that time, Mirosław Cichy, as the creator and co-founder, was named Dealer of the Year 2020 and Person of the Year by “Dealer” magazine. For three years, Miroslav Šiši and Sobieslav Zasada have been executing their plan together, maintaining and strengthening their position as market leaders.

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Added: 27 December 2023 07:30

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