Gen. Pasek: In Russia they already know, and Putin knows too, that this war is a dead end

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Russia’s war with Ukraine. Today 412

In an interview with Wirtualna Polska, General Pasek noted that the Russians are currently surprised that “they don’t withAs I promised”. – TQ is the biggest surprise they have prepared for the attackinsent 400 aircraft, 300 helicopters, and achieved great mobilization, second packing withThey said which one (Former President and Prime Minister Dmitry) Medvedev NSupervisionAnd Lots of very clear moves… I What? nothing. Fantastic attack nothingBecause you can’t call what is happening that way Ukraine – said the director of the Institute for International Security and Development.

“Today, Putin’s biggest failure is Finland’s accession to NATO,” said a retired Polish major general. He stressed that the main goal of the invasion of Ukraine, announced by Vladimir Putin, is to push NATO away from the borders and secure Russia. Meanwhile, the opposite effect was achieved. – A border of more than 1,300 km with NATO is dangerous, but is this a failure? Today it must be said clearly that this whole warAnd More than a year alreadyAnd He said that the continuation of Russia’s great failure.

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– What a great country decides loyalTake fanother countryAnd With ten times greater military potentialEven traditionalAnd I’m not talking about nuclear energy If you can’t really deal with this war anywhereAnd He’s embarrassing himself… explained the general. – The Russian Federation has a big problem. Putin understands that this is a dead end and is trying Who is this Somehow dead end way out. naturallyAnd requiredBGet your hands outAnd defensivea JI wish I was in this war jsome successsHence these great maneuvers, political, diplomatic, onluxury with chinese People’s RepublicRAnd the escape from energy resources sold is much cheaper for the Far EastBut ton inThe general said it wouldn’t help.

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