Football player Legia did not appear in Familiada.  His performance will be remembered for a long time

Twitter / TVP Sport / Photo: Paweł Wszołek

Raphael Sirhi

Legia Warszawa players took part in the Familiada episode that aired on Easter Sunday. Pawe Wszołek’s performance, which answered no question well, is the most talked about.

Paweł Wszołek returned to Poland in July 2022 after a very unsuccessful adventure with the Bundesliga. The slingshot took off from 1.FC Union Berlin, as the coach could not find a place for him in the team.

Re-signing the contract with Legia Warszawa was an excellent decision by a player born in Tczew. Wszołek in Legia is a key player. On Easter, we get to know him from a different side.

Wszołek, along with his teammates, stood against selected basketball players from Legia Warszawa in the “Familiada” cult ceremonial ring. However, the 11-time representative of Poland did not fare so well.

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Shuttle was given five questions. He answered them all wrong or just remained silent. First, Karol Starsburger asked about a plant associated with Easter. – Maybe I’ll shoot. Lily said after the legal time to reply. However, Wszołek’s shot clearly missed. Tulips are not associated with Easter, which was later shown by the votes of the respondents.

The second time, Wszołek participated in the team meeting, which was in order to find an answer to a question about a block of flats that he could not live in. Shuttle advised “volleyball”. In the end, captain Artur Jędrzejczyk bet on the technical block, it was a wrong answer, but the respondents also did not invent volleyball.

– Special day in the week from the end of Carnival to Easter inclusive? Strasburger asked on the third try. “Holy Wednesday” was heard in response. Another square from Wszołek.

However, he showed the greatest tactical intelligence in the fourth question. Then Wszołek faced a desktop basketball player. – Traditional Polish cheese valued in the country and abroad? the commander asked. Wszołek did not press the button and remained silent, which turned out to be an excellent decision, because none of the participants knew the answer to this riddle, and the basketball player expressed a desire to confront him. Very valuable points went to the players.

Fate gave him another chance. He was asked to indicate an element that the child will definitely not forget when drawing a rabbit. “Maybe… an egg or a carrot,” said the shuttle driver loudly. “It makes me wonder.” Finally he answered: “Let it be an egg.” The basketball players took the question and the answer “teeth” guaranteed promotion to the finals.

And they invited one of the players of the football team to take part in it. However, captain Artur Jędrzejczyk did not choose Wszołek for the role. He bet on Kacper Tobiasz and it was an excellent decision. The goalkeeper performed very well, and the combined team surpassed 200 points scored in the final and won over PLN 26,000 for charity. Wszołek can say with confidence that he had a hand in it. After all, “we win together and we lose together.”

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