Annoying slogans spread on Italian beaches.  It’s about the Pope

Small planes crossed the blue skies over Italy’s most popular summer beaches, dragging banners with slogans about Pope Benedict XVI behind them. The last flight reported by Italian media was on Sunday, August 27. The plane traveled 350 kilometers along the Adriatic coast, transmitting to anyone who raised its head a message that read “The era of Benedict XVI in sede impedita”.

According to canon law, the term “sedes impedita” means a situation in which an episcopal see (Latin sede impedita) is impeded by the imprisonment, exile, expulsion, or inability of a bishop to perform his office.

The message “The era of Benedict XVI in sede impedita” can be translated from the Latin “Benedict XVI was imprisoned” or “Benedict XVI encountered an obstacle in business.”

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Another message appeared over Lazio on July 16: “Benedict XVI has not abdicated.”

The news on Italian beaches is of interest not only to residents, but also to tourists from many countries and the media. The journalists established that the non-profit legal organization “Arbitrium – First Legal Aid in the Protection of Inviolability” is behind the whole case.

The slogans spread by the planes, as they dragged the banners, refer to Andrea Sionsi’s book “The Ratzinger Code”, in which the author proves that Joseph Ratzinger’s declaration of abdication, written in Latin, contains errors that no intellectual can make of it. completely . According to the writer, this is evidence that Benedict XVI did not abdicate voluntarily, but was forced to do so. According to the author of the book, the Vatican authorities decided that a more liberal bishop should sit on the throne of Peter. According to this theory, Pope Francis I holds office illegally and is an anti-pope.

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