Gekko XII laser created a magnetic island in the lab

Scientists from Osaka University, in collaboration with scientists from the National Institute of Nuclear Fusion Sciences and other universities, made direct measurements of the necessary pure electron discharges. Magnetic reconnection Using a high-energy laser – twelfth gekko.

Magnetic reconnection is a fundamental process in many cosmological and astrophysical phenomena, incl. How Solar flaresif magnetic storms. It is the phenomenon of a rapid change in the arrangement of magnetic field lines in a given environment. Electron dynamics play a very important role in the mechanism that leads to reconnection, which is why research on it is so important.

Observing electron-scale phenomena in an immeasurable universe would be very difficult. Thus, scientists use the so-called Laboratory astrophysicsThe laser produced a plasma containing electrons directly bound to the magnetic field.

The scientists experimented with magnetizing electrons, not ions, while controlling the position of the magnetic field in the plasma. As we read in the scientific article: – Magnetic reconnection generates a plasmid or magnetic island

The results of these studies apply not only to space and astrophysical plasmas, but also spacecraft magnetic thrustSo does fusion plasma. The microscopic dynamics of electrons regulate macroscopic phenomena such as magnetic reconnection and collision-free shocks. It is a unique and universal property plasmaExplains lead author of the study Yasuhiro Kuramitsu of Osaka University’s Institute of Laser Engineering

As Kuramisto adds: – Now we can solve this problem in laboratories through direct local Plasma and magnetic field measurements. We will tackle the long-standing open problems of the universe by modeling them in laboratories. Knowing the nature of plasma can lead us to realize, for example, how thermonuclear plasma works –

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