Sławosz Uznański about the first weeks of training.  “I’m actually learning everything from scratch.”

Dr. Sławosz Uznański began training at the European Astronaut Centre. As he admitted, he still has a lot of learning and preparation to do. – It is a big responsibility – said the candidate to become the second Pole in space in a conversation with TVN24 BiS correspondent Hubert Kijek.

Dr. Sławosz Uznański may fly into space soon. The pole recently began his training at the European Astronaut Center. In November last year, he was selected as a reserve astronaut for the European Space Agency (ESA) after a long recruitment process in which more than 22.5 thousand applicants from ESA member states applied. It is currently a candidate for a manned flight to the International Space Station (ISS), which is scheduled to take place in the second half of 2024.

– There are five astronauts in my career choice at ESA, that is, they are training to fly into space on long-term missions, primarily to the space station – said Oznansky in an interview with Hubert Kijek, TVN24 BiS correspondent. – A project astronaut is an astronaut who also begins his training and then there is a potential space mission that will take place. He added that just as Poland has ambitions to launch a Polish space mission, at this stage I have moved to Cologne, and I am preparing for this moment, waiting for what will happen in the future.

Slavosz Oznański and Hubert KijekTVN24

Lots of preparation

Oznanski admitted that his training has only just begun and that he “does not know what awaits him in the coming weeks and months.” There is definitely a lot of work planned. The astronaut stated that his last days were very intense.

He said – I’m actually learning everything from scratch. He added that he will learn more about space systems and the operation of the Dragon capsule. – Of course, there is a lot of mathematics, physics and biology, but also physical preparation and diet. I had an interesting training this week, spending two days using professional cameras and video cameras to see what equipment is on the space station. He said: “Just as you are photographing me today, I hope at some point to photograph the Earth from above.”

Slavosz OznańskiTVN24

Oznansky stated that if he could become the second pole in space, he would be happy. – This is a big responsibility. I will try to fill the proverbial shoes of General Hermazowski [pierwszego Polaka w kosmosie – red.]. He said that he was a great inspiration for several generations of Poles. He also stated that he is very attached to students and pupils, and his dream is to promote education, science and technology. – So that we can build world-class technology in Poland and participate in global science to a greater extent than it is today. He concluded by saying, “I know that we have tremendous potential and tremendous human talent.”

You can watch the full conversation here:

Sławosz Uznański about the beginnings of his trainingTVN24

Main image source: TVN24

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