AMD will use teleportation to improve quantum computers

AMD has not yet been linked to quantum computers, but it may change soon – the manufacturer has filed a patent application for a system that revolutionizes the construction of such machines.

The widespread use of quantum computers is still a thing of the future, but tech giants are already working on building and improving such structures. However, there are two main problems standing in the way of machine development: system instability and scalability. Thanks to AMD’s solution, it will be possible to bypass these limitations to some extent.

AMD’s patent will revolutionize quantum computers

AMD has filed a patent application titled “Look Ahead Teleportation for Trusted Computing in a Multi-SIMD Quantum Processor”, which can be translated as: Advanced Teleportation to improve computing reliability in a quantum processor based on the Multi-SIMD architecture.

You have to admit that it sounds…very complicated. So what is all this?

It is a technology that is supposed to use the phenomenon of quantum teleportation to increase the reliability of a quantum system (and it should be noted that in this case it is especially important, since quantum computers are very unstable structures and this advantage deepens with the development of systems). In addition, it will allow you to improve arithmetic operations, thereby reducing the number of qubits needed to perform a particular calculation.

The AMD patent also covers an embedded prediction processor, the purpose of which is to analyze the output load, predict which computations can be performed in parallel (and which cannot), and correctly distribute the load into qubits using quantum teleportation. The mode of operation of this teleportation, however, is not described in the patent.

If you are interested in the details, please refer to patent application (Be careful that this is a very complicated read.)

AMD joins the race in the quantum computer market

So far, only three companies have been counted in the quantum computer market: IBM, Intel and Google. The patent filing shows that AMD does not intend to abandon this plot and is also working to develop its technologies here. However, this should not surprise us, because the market has huge potential and will certainly be of great interest to technology in the future.

Will we see an AMD quantum computer? It certainly cannot be ruled out. In contrast to the previously mentioned companies, “red” engineers are currently working on technologies to improve the operation of quantum systems.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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