Gary Oldman wants to direct another film

The first picture is hard to take, the second picture is even harder!

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Either way, it's an experience Gary Oldman enjoys. The actor won an Oscar for his directorial debut as Churchill Do not swallow In 1997, on the Happy Chat Confused podcast, he revealed that he had been trying for years to land his second film.

“It's not for lack of trying. There have been a few scripts over the years, and there's one in particular that I want to direct, but it's been eleven years since I wrote it,” he said. Do not swallow, but I think she had the same honesty and intensity. »

Gary Oldman, now 65, said he used his own money to make ends meet Do not swallow, co-produced by Luc Besson and Douglas Urbansky. A film he wrote and based on his family history opened the Cannes Film Festival in 1997. Music for this two-hour dramatic film is by Eric Clapton. Do not swallow Garnered several awards including BAFTA Awards for Original Screenplay and Best British Film for Gary Oldman. However, setting up a new project is yet to happen!

Now the Harry Potter star is thinking of finding outside funding for his second film entirely. “I used a lot of my own money when I realized Do not swallow And I will never do it again… That is the cardinal rule, never do it,” he said.

But again, it's not easy. Investors have needs that may not agree with the needs of the director. He loses control of his creative vision by receiving funding from others. “I've tried doing other things, but it's such a tough game, you have to go to people with money, who give absolutely ridiculous acting advice,” he lamented. These are the things we always face.”

On this theme, he referred to producer Harvey Weinstein, nicknamed “Harvey Scissors” in the film industry because of his infamous extensive retouching of films produced by his company. “I do not have [le producteur] At the end of the film Harvey Weinstein wants to rewrite it, rewrite a scene, reshoot and everything. There may be a lot of people around the table, there may be a lot of cooks in the kitchen,” he believes. But it's not there!

Fortunately, Gary Oldman's career as an actor has been successful.

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