March 29, 2023


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He commits thefts with a geolocation bracelet to arrest

An industry criminal may have committed several thefts in businesses in the region in Victoria.

On November 8, 2020, Pierre Jr. Rum Dylan, 38, broke into a branch of the Society DL Insurance Automobile du Quebec and looted security. Seeing that he had not been arrested after his crime, he stole nearly $ 5,000 from a butcher shop the following month, breaking into the night. The offender repeated the activity and robbed the jewelry store, stealing jewelry worth about $ 16,000. On the night of January 17, 2021, while trying to enter a restaurant, he is found and runs away. Police will hand over the collar two weeks later.

On Wednesday, a court in Victoria sentenced an individual to 42 months in prison, ending eight-and-a-half years in prison for other crimes that expire next October.

When he was arrested last February, he was on parole.

Pierre Jr. Rum Dylan explained to the court that it was surprising that he was not quickly arrested by police after his first robbery, as he was wearing an earthy place bracelet.

He is said to have committed thefts in the hope that he would be arrested for saying he could not live freely. Rum Dylan spent 21 of his 38 years in prison for similar crimes. In total, he has recorded more than 15 violations and offenses on record.

On Wednesday, when the sentence was announced, a Quebec court judge, Bruno Longilier, said in a statement that the defendant had “committed suicide or taken steps to be arrested.” “He can no longer function in the community,” the judge said.

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Judge Langelier openly questioned the effectiveness of the justice system in relation to rehabilitation. “This situation is very sad and it leads to a lot of thoughts. […] Regarding the ability of the organization to rehabilitate a person, ”he said.