Patrick Hart leaves "La Toure" after two seasons

Patrick Hart will leave TowerHe has been planning for two years to lead open and transparent discussions in all subjects.

On Thursday, in the opening section of the show, he reiterated his desire to return to writing, directing and acting. His last animation will take place on April 7 and the new commander will take charge next September.

Tower Despite the fierce competition, 2.5 million viewers each week see a significant and rated success. District 31At 7 p.m.

“This project will be an extraordinary human experience and will allow me to make many rich encounters! I will be leaving with a great deal of new knowledge. Throughout the two seasons, the generosity, care and openness of my guests have captivated me. I felt very close, “said Patrick Hart, who contributed to the development of the concept. Tower.

“I definitely miss these daily appointments with my guests and visitors,” he continued. But after long thoughts, I realized that I was bored with telling the stories I had discovered. So with a heavy heart but with a head full of ideas I return to my great interests: writing, acting and directing. Thank you for generously allowing us to put together our “living rooms” every night. I will be enjoying every show until April 7th. See you soon, differently. ”

Who will pick?

Since Patrick Howard is “moving,” his condo is up for sale, and we thought about the comedy real estate broker. Happiness Carol-on Lapoint-Saint-Jack, played by actress Monica Pylon brilliantly, to find a buyer, she will actually become the new presenter. Tower. Visits have already begun and will continue.

Tower In numbers:

மில்லியன் 2.5 Million Visitors Every Week *

50 550 people have been invited

203 opening monologues and many more shows

400 cocktails served

Eat 10kg of Ringolos

* Source: Numeris, French Quebec, January 3 to February 3, 2022, Monday-Thursday 7-7:30 pm, 2+, A25-54

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