February 4, 2023


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Battlefield 2042 is a 'big disappointment'?  EA is said to be considering switching to the F2P model

Battlefield 2042 is among EA’s “failures.” DICE got off to a terrible start because of Halo, among other things

Electronic Arts are having a big problem with the latest DICE shooter, and during the publisher’s internal meeting, some sharp words came out to stress the game’s problems. The company does not hide that Battlefield 2042 is a failure.

Battlefield 2042 has more problems, and although the developers are trying to save the game, EA knows it will be difficult to get the project back on track. That’s why the future of the element was brought up at the EA Town (Indoor Electronics Meeting) yesterday.

Details were revealed by Tom Henderson, who confirmed that during the more than 20-minute event, EA executives discussed the causes of Battlefield 2042’s problems.

The topic was taken up by Laura Meili, who confirmed the success of ElectronicArts, but could also “admit defeats”. At this point, EA’s Director of Studies has begun discussions about DICE.

“That is certainly the case with the Battlefield version, which has not lived up to our players’ expectations and has clearly missed our expectations.”

According to Millie, DICE’s biggest problem was working on Frostbite. The developers had to expand the capabilities of the engine for several months, which greatly affected the development of the game – according to the informant, work on the technology lasted more than 18 months.

DICE was also surprised to develop Battlefield 2042 from their homes, which also had a negative impact on game development. The title, however, received “positive reviews” in the summer, but the developers encountered a “historically high” number of bugs.

The big annoyance for EA and DICE was…the emergence of a new Halo. As you know, in November, the premiere of the free multiplayer mode took place, which was supposed to have a very strong influence on gamers’ opinions, because the Microsoft title debuted without major errors.

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