Box Office USA: Warner finally has a big hit!  Record-breaking “The Color Purple”
The first data, estimated so far, appeared as of Monday, when viewers returned to U.S. movie theaters and three new big releases were released. The big winner was Warner Bros, whose films took up the entire podium.

But in reality, everyone's attention is focused on number one. At a time when everyone seems convinced that music is a dead genre, it seems that is the case “Violet” It turns everything upside down.

True, it had been known for some time that the Broadway musical's adaptation, which was a theatrical remake of Steven Spielberg's 1985 film, which in turn was an adaptation of the Alice Walker novel, would be a hit. But the scale of success exceeded our wildest expectations. According to current estimates “The Color Purple” opened with $18.2 million! that it Second best opening on Christmas Day. Another Warner Bros. movie. Holds the record. “Sherlock Holmes”.

The good news doesn't end there. “The Color Purple” received an A on CinemaScore, so it can count on viewers recommending it to their friends. The film did well in the South and with black audiences (65%). This is also one of the rare instances since coronavirus when older viewers went to cinemas in large numbers. Up to 25% were over 55 years old.

“The Color Purple” movie trailer.

Monday was also the best day in the show's short history “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”. The movie got up to $10.6 million (Although the tables show Friday's result – $13.7 million, they include $4.5 million from Thursday's prelims.) Unfortunately, the film overall performs worse than pessimistic expectations. Including Monday, his balance should be at least $40 million, but he has $38.3 million.

Number three is of course “Wonka”. This play also doubled its Sunday revenue and earned up to $10.3 million. It cannot be ruled out that it will be exceeded in the coming days “Aquamana 2”. “Wonka” She has earned $85.9 million so far.

The second big novelty turned out to be a George Clooney movie “The boys in the boat”. The film grossed as much as Monday $5.7 million. This year, only one MGM film can generate higher revenues in a single day – “Creed III.” The film would have a successful holiday season, earning an A on CinemaScore.

The third new thing is “Ferrari” Michael Mann with Adam Driver in the lead role. The film begins its American theatrical distribution at $2.9 million And a B on CinemaScore.

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