Francesek Prudnywicz hid from fans that he had a wife and a daughter

  • He began his artistic career on the stage. The scene remained faithful to the end of his life, but it was the screen that made him famous
  • During the six years of “Adventure Film” he played Francesek Brodnowitz in 19 productions. Many fans brought him the role of Valdemar Michorowski in “Trędowata” (1936) and “Ordynata Michorowski (1937)).
  • He never spoke about his family (he had a wife and daughter living in Poznan). He repeated in interviews that he is celibate
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The text was written in the chandelier series “Stars of the Second Polish Republic”.

He was born on November 29, 1892, in Koelch as the third of four children to Bogomica and Alexander Prudnywich. He had a brother Boleslav Pyotr who was three years older than him, a Jadwiga sister Maria, who was a year older than him, and a sister Mariana (Maria) who was two years younger than him. His father ran a factory sewing uniforms for soldiers, and his mother was a housekeeper. In July 1894, the family moved to Poznan. here Francesek Brodniwich He graduated from high school and was a choir at the Polish theater, where he occasionally played episodes. after the explosion First World War He was assigned to a unit in the Prussian army. He escaped from her and joined the travel group of actor Ludwik Debizansky. Over the next few years, he developed his theater career, performing on stage throughout Poland.

Photo: NAC/National Digital Archive

Francesek Brodevich and Jadwiga Smosarska in “Dwa Joasie” (1935)

He worked in Warsaw, leaving his family in Pozna

In Bydgoszcz, Francesek Prudnjewicz He met Helena Theos, a librarian nine years his junior. He fell in love with her similarly. When he was engaged to the Nowy Theater in Pozna, Helena left with him. On October 16, 1925, their daughter Jadwiga Maria appeared in the world. Wedding They only took it on July 29, 1930. On the same day, the actor officially confirmed that he is Jadwiga’s biological father and gave her his last name. Helena and her daughter lived with the unmarried sisters of Francesk, and he … went to Lviv to celebrate the victories in the local city theater.

At the beginning of 1933, when he was already performing in ód, Francesc Brodnowitz received an offer that would completely change his life.

“One day, behind the scenes of the stage, appeared: director of the Leo-Film studio, Mrs. Maria Herzbein, and director, Marta Flantz, who They offered me a role in the photo ‘Plaintiff Elijah Horn’, making the clash based on test shots.– said in “Wiadomości Filmowe”.

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The pictures were great, so Brodniewicz and Lodge left, Lives permanently in Warsaw in a studio apartment at ul. Zota 73 And stand out next to him Jadwiga Smosarskawhich he later praised:

After the premiere of the film, Franciszek Brodniewicz received excellent reviews, and proposals were poured in. until the explosion World War II He appeared in 18 other productions. A crowd of fans earned him the role of Valdemar Michorowski in “Trędowata” (1936) and “Ordynata Michorowski” (1937). He was most proud of his starring role in Pan Twardowski (1936).

He was an ideal lover, the embodiment of a pre-war man. His photos appeared regularly on the covers of newspapers. In his interviews willingly, when asked if he was married, he answered:

With these statements, he protected his and his family’s privacy, while at the same time increasing the group of fans who wanted to know what kind of woman he liked like them.

“I do not have an ideal, I value a wise and honest woman. I hate falsehood and poses. I really like an ugly woman, as long as she is natural,” the actor said.

Photo: NAC/National Digital Archive

Francesek Brodevich in “Pan Twardowski” (1936)

He did not fulfill the promise he made to his beloved daughter

The outbreak of World War II ended Francesc Brodnowitz’s film career. The actor refused to offer to play in the anti-Polish film “Heimkehr”. Rachel Adler, a Jew, hid in his apartment the aid of a neighbor who was being chased by the Gestapo, Engaged in underground activities. He worked as director of the Cinema Artists Café and performed at the literary cabaret Na Antresoli.

He kept in touch with his family who live in Poznan, He promised his beloved daughter that she would live with him in Warsaw after the end of the war. In his letters to his relatives, he did not hide his health problems. He was suffering from a heart condition.

right on time Warsaw uprising She is involved in the process of searching for and delivering weapons in the limited neighborhood of the streets of Zlota, Silazna, Twarda and Sosnoa. He was assisted, among others, by Julian Chebrowsky, a graphic painter, and it was he who described the circumstances of the actor’s death. Francesc Brodniwich died on August 17, 1944. while carrying out the task entrusted to him.

He became short of breath, his face turned pale, and he began complaining of shortness of breath. That’s why I told him to relax in his backyard. This is what happened. When I came back I noticed it The actor is lying on the bench. He was almost unconscious. I immediately ran to the doctor from a nearby clothing point. When we came back a few minutes later, Brodniewicz was already dead. The doctor diagnosed a severe heart attackŻebrowski was recalled years later.

The actor was buried in the yard next to his apartment. After the exhumation on April 6, 1945, thanks to the efforts of the tailor’s wife Władysław Raszkowski, who sewed coats for Brodniewicz, the artist’s remains were placed in the Bródno cemetery.

Helena Prudnevichoa died in December 1982. in Pozna and was buried in the Municipal Cemetery in Junikowo. Jadwiga Maria Brodniewiczówna has worked in the cosmetic field for many years. She was married three times, and from her first marriage she gave birth to two sons: Valdemar and Roman. In 1981, she immigrated to the United States. live in florida, She officially changed her name to Ada Kennedy, He obtained US citizenship. In 2005, she returned to Poland. She passed away on April 14, 2012. In Pozna, just like her mother was buried in the Municipal Cemetery in Junikowo.

Photo: NAC/National Digital Archive

Franciszek Brodniewicz was a movie star in the Second Polish Republic

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