Dariusz Klodowski is dead.  The production manager was 53 years old

dead Darius ClodowskiPolish filmmaker, producer of many popular films and series. The Wonder Films studio, where he was the head of production, tells about the departure of an important industry employee. Dariusz Kludowski was 53 years old. The cause of his death has not been revealed.

“We regret to inform you of the passing of Darek Kudofsky, our friend, colleague, and Head of Production at Wonder Films. Darek will be remembered in our memory not only as a great filmmaker, but above all as a good, warm person and loyal friend we could always count on. It was an honor to have him, and we move forward.” Our deepest condolences to Daric’s family and loved ones,” the studio said.

Dariusz Kludowski was born in 1969. He has worked as a producer on feature films, documentaries and television series. He has directed a production by example that is appreciated by audiences and critics “Gods” From 2014, directed by Łukasz Palkowski, with Tomasz Kot as Professor Zbigniew Religa.

He also worked on film sets: “non-volatile”And the “33 scenes from life”And the “11 minutes”And the “Women without shame” if Volta. Kłodowski has also worked on popular series in his professional resume: “The Secret of the Blade Castle”And the “The Rescuers”And the “The House Over Backwaters”And the “little death” if “Back”.

In addition, according to the filmopolski.pl portal, he participated in the production collaboration in the first season of the series “Father Matthew”. Years ago, he was also a plan director “m like love”.

Maria Staron

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