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“Fox 2”. This is how Janusz Gagos behaved on set

Janusz Gagos He will turn 85 in 2024. However, it doesn't seem like the famous actor is thinking about complete retirement. Although – which is normal at this age – the star suffers from minor or major health problems (Janusz Jagus, among others, complained of memory problems), she decided to star in the film “Fuks 2” directed by Maciej Dutkiewicz. The film is a continuation of the legendary film “Fox”, which premiered in 1999. In addition to Janusz Gagos, in the movie “Fuks 2” we can see, among others: Maciej Sture, Cezary Bazura, Maciej Musial, and Polina Gauszka. It was this 35-year-old young actress who revealed how Janusz Gagos behaves on set. It seems extraordinary that such a distinguished actor could be such a humble person at work.

Polina Goleska on Janusz Gagos: “A man of incredible humility and humility”

Polina Galuzka She is completely fascinated by Janusz Gagos's look while working in the movie 'Fuks 2'. Although the young actress only had one scene with her famous older colleague, she is still happy that she was able to watch him up close. – Unfortunately, we only played a small scene, which is the interaction between the characters. I regret that it is so little, however Just being able to watch Mr. Janusz on set is a real treat. He is a master, a man of incredible humility and modesty, and a man who has such beautiful roles – Polina Galuszka was impressed In an interview with Show News. You see, you can be a legend and not go crazy.

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