Four Xbox games coming to other consoles.  “It's not Starfield or Indiana Jones!”

February 15 is an important day in Xbox history. We already know what Phil Spencer is up to in terms of the game's uniqueness.

The long-awaited presentation regarding the business plans for the Xbox brand has been released on YouTube. However, it was not a live broadcast, but rather a 22-minute recording that anyone interested can watch now.

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Phil Spencer admitted that recent reports have completely changed the strategy, as it was originally supposed to focus primarily on the recent acquisition of publisher Activision-Blizzard. However, the information leak has made the issue of exclusivity a priority. There has been almost no day without some information indicating that Microsoft intends to share its titles. It turns out that this was partly true.

Well, Phil Spencer has announced that he intends to release four games on other consoles. However, at the moment, the Xbox boss was not ready to reveal what titles he was talking about or what platforms they will be available on. This is done by the studios responsible for it when it is ready. However, Phil confirmed it It's not the long-awaited Indiana Jones and the Grand Circle, nor the latest hit from Bethesda, namely Starfield.

However, he revealed that there will be two of them Gaming services that have been on the market for more than a year and It is developed by the community. The other two productions are smaller scale productions, according to Phil.“It was never intended to be platform exclusive.”. The goal of this move is to increase interest in the Xbox brand and expand the existing player base. More importantly, making production available for other platforms means these titles will be released It will have cross-play and cross-save.

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