March 25, 2023


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Halo Infinite for sentimental humor.  Xbox Shows Dedication to Master Chief . Armor

Halo Infinite for sentimental humor. Xbox Shows Dedication to Master Chief . Armor

Yesterday, Xbox shared with fans another trailer for the latest Halo release from the “UNSC Archives” series. This time, the focus was on the miners who, in sweat and fear, mined the valuable raw materials.

Many people have already started counting down the days of the game’s announced premiere infinite aura, the latest installment in Microsoft’s cult series and at the same time one of those most awaited projects of the year. Adequate Have a look at the pickup truckThat shows how much work has been done. And If the loud rumors are confirmedWe’ll probably get to know part of the address a little earlier.

Now, to warm up the expectations a bit, Microsoft has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming project, which is part of their “UN Security Council Archives” series. this time The focus was on the miners groupTo sacrifice health and sometimes life to mine ores after bombing excavations. They decide to keep searching for an important mineral for the Master Chief’s armor – even despite the risk of it breaking.

We got to know the real actors again, of course, and once again tried to translate into the movie How Large groups of people worked on Mr. President as another hope for mankind. It is very emotional, so there is no doubt that many people will feel a strong desire to enter the game world and pay for all the sacrifices made. It’s impressive, check it out for yourself:

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