Warcraft and StarCraft veterans built a PC RTS on Unreal Engine 5
January 26 2022, 08:36

The main developers of StarCraft II and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne have created a new studio where they are working on PC RTS. For this purpose, they have already received more than 34 million dollars from investors.

What we know about the game from giant studies:

  1. It is an RTS computer from game developers third cans I StarCraft IIAnd
  2. The project was built on Unreal Engine 5,
  3. It will definitely offer co-op mode and PvP mode,
  4. It is not yet known whether the campaign will take place or not,
  5. However, there will be a map editor
  6. The new RTS will not only be a nicer version of the old ideas,
  7. The game will be revealed this year.

A new PC RTS is being created, by veterans of the genre who previously worked at Blizzard Entertainment. Their new company is called Frost Giant and they can count on the support of investors?? surrender to production Already tens of millions of dollars.

The studio was founded in 2020 by Tim Morton, who served as the game director StarCraft IIand Tim Campbell, Lead Campaign Designer for Warcraft III: Frozen Throne. To date, “Frost Giant” has raised $34.7 million from investors, so thanks to it some development? A long time ago it started in full swing. The game will be revealed this year.

Investors include companies such as Kakao Games (the publisher pubg) or Riot Games Studio. The recently organized fundraiser was the best in Frost Giant’s history and allowed $25 million to be added to the creators’ accounts.

Warcraft and StarCraft veterans built a PC RTS on Unreal Engine 5 - Illustration #1

Studio Frost Giant saw Tim Morton and Tim Campbell.

So far, not much is known about the game. Described as an epic RTS that will appeal to both veterans of the genre and newcomers. The production also aims to please fans by creating their own maps. The project will provide a cooperation mode as well as a PvP option suitable for esports games. It is not known if a fictional campaign was planned, but considering the amount of money the Frost Giant received, we would be surprised if the title was deprived of it.

The game was developed on Unreal Engine 5. Currently, the production team consists of 50 people (the last round of attracting investors allowed an increase in the crew by 20 developers). Previously, the creators helped create the classic Blizzard RTS game, but their new game won’t just be a pretty board game of old ideas. The authors want to provide solutions, and one of the priorities is to develop a project that is friendly to people who are just beginning their adventure with species.

  1. Frost Giant The studio’s official website

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