Xbox Game Pass changed the face of Diablo IV.  Microsoft has created a new dedicated gaming team

Microsoft is in a very difficult position right now regarding the Xbox brand. On the one hand, the growing Game Pass allows the company to celebrate successes, but on the other hand, recruitment problems begin. However, this does not prevent the Xbox team from preparing real innovations!

According to Windows Central, the current head of the Xbox brand, Sarah Bond, sent a very important and motivating message to her teams and employees, in which she provided some very important information. First of all, the company can celebrate the success of Diablo IV on Xbox Game Pass, because it has now made the Xbox platform the leader among Blizzard players, which is a really big event. Additionally, will be more integrated with Xbox services, so additional games may soon be added to Game Pass.

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As for the hardware, nothing has changed here – the next Xbox is expected to deliver the biggest generational technological leap in history, which sounds like very big promises, but may turn out to be true. Additionally, Sarah Bond confirmed what has long been talked about: Xbox is building a special team dedicated to protecting and maintaining games within the Xbox ecosystem. It's not just about backward compatibility, it's also about future compatibility, meaning that every subsequent Xbox will run games from all previous Xboxes. Here's how the current head of Xbox put it in emails.

We've created a new team dedicated to preserving the games that matter to all of us at Xbox and the industry. We're building on our rich history of backward compatibility for our players and remain committed to making the incredible library of Xbox games available for future generations of gamers to enjoy.

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