Sony has a way to get a PS5 freeloader
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October 15, 2021, 12:46

The PlayStation 5 will be available to buy directly from Sony, but with some restrictions that could target brokers.

Almost a year after the first show, buying a PlayStation 5 is still quite a challenge, especially if we want a (relatively) regular price (you can check out the offers, among other things, at Allegro). Sony understands this and is developing a solution. Players will be able to purchase PS5 and DualSense controllers directly from the manufacturer, albeit under certain conditions.

The Sony offer will only be available to people who live or reside in the United States, and your purchase isn’t as simple as adding your console to your cart. Interested users must register at private page Then he waits for a possible response from Sony. Possible, because the company offers purchase restrictions for all of the included products (aside from the PS5 and the various DualSense variants, there’s the PS5 Media Remote and Pulse 3D Wireless Headphones).

Each account contains a maximum of one PlayStation 5 console in the basic or digital version. In addition, upon approval of your Application, Sony will establish a time limit for selected users to purchase selected Products. Notifications will be sent in the next month.

Perhaps this solution is the result of the scourge of speculators, who continue to buy PS5 massively (and not only) in order to sell it at a much higher price. Maybe for the same reason Sony will conduct a selection of registered users based on PlayStation’s interests and activities to date. In other words, submissions from the most frequent users of the PSN account (read: gameplay over previous generations of consoles) should be prioritized. Thus, it limits the chances of accepting orders from newly created accounts, which are often used by speculators in mass purchases.

Of course, for European buyers this is just a curiosity, and even for American gamers, it does not mean that all interested parties will have the opportunity to purchase a console. Sony has not provided any information on the stock of the PS5 and other products available under this initiative. Perhaps there is not much hope for much, the crisis in the component market is in full swing (z many plaintiffs) I Nobody No BelievesThe situation will improve in the near future.


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Sony has a simple method

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