June 2, 2023


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Flights of Russian tankers An-124 Ruslan from China to Russia.  They can transport military cargo

Flights of Russian tankers An-124 Ruslan from China to Russia. They can transport military cargo

The Russian An-124 Ruslan transport plane has flown from China to Russia at least nine times over the past week, often with transponders switched off to prevent tracking, Ukrainian military portal Express-Defense reported. He also adds, citing comments on Chinese social media, the conclusion is that “Russia is sending planes for military cargo.”

“Regular flights, and even more so with An-124 Ruslan aircraft, malfunctioning transponders, as well as comments in Chinese social networks indicate this. Russia Sends planes for military cargo, ”writes Defense Express.

The portal indicates that the flight control services recorded the flights of Russian heavy freight carriers of the Volga-Dnepr airline to China. At the same time, the transponders of Russian aircraft were not always operational, which made it difficult to track them.

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The mysterious flights of Russian planes to China

The portal writes that this activity was noticed, among other things, by local observers who posted on the Internet recordings of the landing of Russian aircraft at Chenzhou airport. They also pointed to comments online that the planes would take “equipment, bulletproof vests, helmets and clothing”.

Flight monitoring service Radarbox recorded nine An-124 Ruslan flights to China in the past seven days, with only three returning, which, according to Defense Express, “directly proves that the transponders were turned off during some flights.” The aircraft had side numbers: RA-82074, RA-82044, RA-82081.

“These are not all flights to China that were made by Russian aircraft for the specified purpose, but only those that were recorded by civil aviation control services,” assures the Ukrainian military portal Express-Defense.

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