Five words worth half a billion dollars!  The legend will shout its slogan in Poland
  • Before he starts using the phrase prepare for thunder, try other ideas. However, none of the previous ideas worked either
  • As he himself admits, he also gained fame thanks to the magic of television. Frequent visits to American homes thanks to ESPN have made him a recognizable personality to this day.
  • And in Poland it was in 2011 to announce the fight between Tomasz Adamek and Vitali Klitschko
  • More information can be found at Przeglad Sportowy Onet

Special guests came to the country on the Vistula River. In addition to the absolute champions of the evening, such as Osyk and Dubois, world boxing icons will also appear in Wroclaw. The VIP area will be filled with familiar faces of martial arts fans, and in the ring we will see a true legend of the profession as Compere.

Michael Buffer is a living boxing legend. He started with his son

He is the most famous comber in the world of boxing. When fans hear his voice, they know something very important is going on. “Let’s get ready to move!” (Get ready for thunder, ed.) – This exclamation became legendary and allowed Michael Buffer to make a fortune.

The 78-year-old with the legendary voice admits he has no idea how much he made from that five-word phrase, but accounts put him at more than half a billion dollars. Earlier, he tried to warm the fans with the slogan “Fasten your seat belts”, but as time went by, the word “Thunder” was better accepted. He shouted them for the first time in 1984. Only after these words did he begin to pause appropriately. Thanks to her, fans were able to shout their feelings and look forward to the fight of the evening. However, he himself confirmed many times that a similar phrase had already been said by Muhammad Ali, and the announcer did not start repeating these words except at the appropriate moment.

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Buffer’s career has gone through various phases. In his time, he became known as an actor and a well-known personality through television commercials. The breakthrough came when he and his son sat down to watch another boxing match.

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