Final Fantasy VII Remake and Chivalry 2 on Steam show how players hate the Epic Games Store

Square Enix decided to do some commercialization with the Epic Games Store last year, launching the PC port of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade exclusively for the Tim Sweeney platform. Many players did not like this move, but what can I say – for Japanese developers this exclusivity means additional money, and which company refuses this at the present time?

The Epic Games Store exclusive Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade for PC is a thing of the past as the title is now available on Steam. It would have seemed like the first show would be completely quiet and no one would notice. In the end, however, the recipients rushed into the game as if they were new rolls, and at the same time did nothing about the warnings of players who advised against the adventure of Cloud in the PC version – the port is completely poor quality and full of technical flaws.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Tests Its Second Youth on Steam

The great interest in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on Steam is likely due to the fact that recently – at a special event dedicated to the seventh part of the Final Fantasy franchise – the producers announced the continuation of the new release. Perhaps people who haven’t contacted this production yet have decided that this is the best time to learn about this story.

On the other hand, it must be emphasized that they have had more than two years to do this (if they have PlayStation 4/5 consoles), or a year with a hook, if we only look at the PC platform. It’s a long time to check the promotion title and play it at your leisure. But the problem in my opinion is that a lot of people still despise the Epic Games Store.

Despite the many free games and great promotions filled with coupons that reduce the asking price by up to PLN 40 and a lower commission charged from the store, allowing the publisher to earn more, players still put Steam in the first place. We don’t know the exact Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade sales results on Tim Sweeney’s website, but Steam data shows that after debuting in the Valve app, the Cloud Adventure was launched by more than 12,000 interested parties.

Contrary to appearances, this is a great result. For comparison, Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy or The Quarry were about the premiere, respectively, 11 thousand. and 6.5 thousand. personal computers. It’s safe to say that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is seeing a young second appearance on PC. In addition, the above technical problems seem to have abruptly evaporated, because customers are flooding the production with positive reviews. Based on 3.5 thousand reviews of game owners, up to 90% of them are positive.

The premiere of Chivalry 2 gave the game a new lease on life

Equestrian 2

As if that wasn’t enough, the same goes for Chivalry 2. The title, which focuses on destroying the net straight from Mordhau, impressed many reviewers and gamers, but was only available for PC at the Epic Games Store around its premiere. As with Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, we do not know the sales results from this site.

However, we know that the game is very popular on Steam. Well, it does better placement results than Square Enix. Over ten days or so ago, 17,000 players launched on this Chivalry 2 platform at the same time, and at the time of writing this article, 6,000 virtual warriors are spending their time on the servers – via Steam.

Steam will never leave the driver’s seat?

The Epic Games Store once again had to acknowledge the superiority of Steam. I myself am tired of more platforms on PC, because EA has its own assets, Ubisoft – Ubisoft Connect, Blizzard – and you can name more major publishers. The truth is that until about the end of 2018, most of the PC titles were released on Steam, so this is where players have the biggest collections. It is difficult to part with them, so if there is such a possibility, those interested are waiting for the premiere on Steam to expand their virtual library again.

Will you ever change? Probably not, because the Epic Games Store, which gives out the aforementioned coupons, offers free games and offers really good promotions for big hits, is having problems getting people to put Steam first on their side of the block. Tim Sweeney’s shop seems doomed to become a lifeboat securing only the back of the Valve platform.

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